Game on demand

If you can imagine it, we can create it. In Osom Videogames we can take your ideas to the next level, creating video games with a high visual impact, smooth animations, and all that you can wish for. All the games are able to be played in iOS or Android devices. The only limit is your imagination.

Animation Services

Osom videogames is partner of Balieri Studio, the place where all of our animations take life. From 2d hand draw, to 3d animations, we are able to do any resource you need, cinematic, game play animations, character design, level design, trailers, promos, anything you need in terms of animation.

Programming Outsorcing

If there is some part of your game that you can´t program, just give it to us. We will help with that work. We manage several programming languages, and have quite an extensive experience in video game programming.

Game Consulting

Do you want to know how to expand your business with a video game? Do you have a brand and you want to make a game for it? Do you have a game and you don't know why it sucks?. We are your answer!, we can help you.