Fude Samurai

Would you like to play a real arcade game and learn at the same time?. Are you interested in japanese culture?. If the answer is yes, definitely Fude Samurai is your game.

  -Compatible with Android smart phones and tablets 
   -Learn 103 Kanjis from JLPT Noken 5 
   -Play and learn at the same time 
   -Study all vocabulary related to kanjis from JLPT Noken 5 
   -All kanjis and vocabulary.

Welcome to Fude Samurai. It is one of the first Arcade-Learning video games for smart phones, where you will be able to learn Japanese and enjoy of the experience of a video game at the same time. The category Arcade-Learning offers to the user the chance to learn new concepts and enjoy the experience of playing of an Arcade video game.

Learning kanjis is one of the most difficult points of Japanese language. Each Kanji is a association of stokes, with meaning and several pronunciations. Fude Samurai contains and shows all necessary kanjis of Japanese Language Proficiency Test Noken 5 In the game, you will learn how to write, read, pronounce and understand the 103 kanjis of Noken 5 level. Furthermore, each kanji contains several words and sentences in order to show how to use them as a proof on concept.

Fude Samurai has 6 different worlds with distinct enemies and final bosses. All of them are designed in a Japanese atmosphere. In each world, the player will have to fight against enemies, proving the new knowledge acquired during the game. Throughout the game, the player has to draw kanjis and beat every enemy who appears on the screen. One of the aspects which offers a challenge to the user, it is to find out how to kill each enemy and learning the kanjis during the game.

Fude Samurai is an amusing new kind of videogame to learn. If you like Arcade video games, or you are interested to learn Japanese, do not miss the chance and try Fude Samurai.Fude Samurai is going to be published for Android and iOS operative Systems. Furthermore it is going to work for smart phones and tablet pc’s. For more information, please visit the web page: fudeSamurai.osomvideogames.com