About us

Our approach

Osom Videogames is a company who develope educational video games. We intend to offer a new perspective in the world of Videogames. From Osom Videogames we develop a new kind of games called Arcade-learning, where users can learn and play at the same time. The main idea is to develop a real arcade game where you can learn something useful. Therefore the main objective of the company is to let people learning something useful while they play a real arcade game. Osom Videogames want to develop games in different subject interesting and useful topics.

Our first project teaches Japanese while a samurai fights against a horde of enemies. Presently we are working on a project to teach information about the solar system. As further research we have in mind to create a game, which teaches how to cook, but in a total different way as usual cooking games. Therefore, Osom Videogames wants to develop several games interesting to anybody, but always respecting the idea of playing and learning at the same time.

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